Why Wait Till The Last Minute To Give Up Your Tractor?

WHY Wait Till The Last Minute To Give Up Your Tractor?

A few years ago… The Soviets lost control and collapsed. When they gave up the money, fuel and tractors stopped flowing into Cuba.

Cuban farmers were shocked… shocked I say. No tractors? No fuel? How are we going to feed ourselves and our nation?

Cuba gave up tractor farming and pulled out the old hand tools. And guess what… Cuba went from the lowest food producer in Latin America to the most prolific food producer down there.

See this: http://craftsmanship.net/cubas-harvest-surprises/

Tractor farming eats up fuel… tractor farming needs more room than hand-tool farming… tractor farming has to be shipped to your over many, many miles.

When Cuba lost the support of the Soviet Union, a large part of farming efforts went local. Right out the back door… permanent raised beds started beautifying empty lots everywhere.

Tractors don’t produce as much food as when you farm by hand. Tractors require extra space for driving between planted rows. And turning space. When farming by hand… you don’t waste space with narrow “rows”. Instead… you have wide beds to grow your corps. You’ll need to reach to the middle of your garden bed from either side. No wasted space.

You’ll get 4 times more crop yield using this method of permanent raised beds and no tractor.

Think about this – Cuba had to give up tractors and tractor farming when they lost the financial support of “Uncle Joe” (Stalin) and the Soviet Union. The idea that tractor farming needs support is wild. Ya mean to tell me that Tractor farming is not efficient?

Farming in the United States may find the same turn of events. Subsidized farming has been going on for many years here. It’s not free market capitalism. It’s sick really.

It’s not hard to predict “The Detroit-ifacation” of America. The poor are subsidized. The banks are subsidized. The military hardware makers are subsidized. And farmers are “paid to NOT grow crops”. Detroit is our model. Detroit subsidized everyone and went broke. It’s only a matter of time before the subsidy lines see the “closed” sign.

And farmers everywhere will give up their tractors and start growing local… organic… and more in harmony with nature.

Shipping lettuce from California to New York never did seem right.

Grab your pitchfork and join the “revolution”.

Sajo Farm Boy.


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