What a 1920s farm bust reveals about financial crises

What a 1920s farm bust reveals about financial crises

If you go to the link below… you’ll find an article about how farmers got hammered in the 1920’s BEFORE the stock market crash of 1929 and the Depression of the 30’s. Does a commodity crash portend a financial crash? The author suggests as much.


When you read the article keep this in mind. Farming is a productive endeavor. Finance, based on money-printing is largely a false productive endeavor. Why? Note: The central bank and their money printing scheme started in 1913. Money printing financed the First World War. Money printing was behind the so-called “Roaring Twenties”. (See Murray Rothbard’s book on the Great Depression.) Money printing is behind easy credit. Easy credit and credit expansion is the root cause of all booms and busts.

Are commodities hitting the skids today? Consider oil. Does this commodity crash portend a crash in banking? Hmmmm. No doubt.

If you are farming or gardening… it’s time to plant some more seeds. Crash or no crash, folks are gonna get hungry.

Sajo Farm Boy.

PS… I remember my Grandfather talking about taking a crop to market and bringing it back home because his Dad did not like the price being offered. When they went back to market prices had collapsed even more. They should have sold on the first visit. The Depression was on… in high gear.