How To Convert Unused Parking Lots Into Productive Farms

Urban Farmer MICHAEL ABLEMAN Reveals… How To Farm Inside The City and Turn Unused Parking Lots Into A Cash-Flow Food Zone.

Urban Farmer, MICHAEL ABLEMAN Reveals…

How To Farm Inside The City and Turn Unused Parking Lots Into A Cash-Flow Food Zone.

Here is a talk that Michael Ableman gave a few years ago… Mr. Ableman is an “urban farmer”. His concepts are big. His ideas are big. He shows anyone how to convert wasted city space into productive, healthy food-growing space.

Here is the video, and below are some notes from the talk:

2:37: HUGE demand for goat meat.
3:00… Early 1970’s I joined a commune… we had 4,000 acres total, we had food stores, we had juice factories, made our own shoes, etc. I was giving the responsibility of managing a 100-acre orchard, pears and apples. Organic. I was 18 years old. The orchard was abandoned for some 18 years. But we brought to back to life.
We had a 10-week harvest in the fall.

6:34: “Good food is more than a confluence of technique and fertile soil. It is the result of men and women who love their land and bring great passion to working with it.”

8:16: On a 12-acre piece of land we grew a hundred different fruits and vegetables, employed 30 people. We fed 500 families. And grossed close to $1 million dollars of income annually.

12:06: Spinach with leaves the size of dinner plates.

23:27: Frogs were mating, and the worms… farming is one big, giant orgy. Farming is all about sex.

26:48: The Northridge earthquake taught us how fragile our food system really is. Closed stores… neighbors (well-paid, highly educated) would have been hard pressed to feed themselves.

28:00: A poor woman in Philly said, “We always grow a little extra to feed the poor.

28:07: Farms don’t need to be separate from cities. Food does not need to flow into the cities from somewhere else. Urban dwellers should not be helpless creatures. Farmers need not feed the world. Feed yourself.

29:00 Do you want corn that taste like corn?

29:28: I believe urban agriculture will become essential to feed the future.

30:03: Cuba employs some 200,000 in urban agriculture. 40% of their food locally grown. Born out of crisis. Most cities are too dependent on importing food.

33:40: I get hundreds of interns wanting to learn agriculture… but I must first teach them HOW to work… HOW to use their hands. They should learn this when they are young.

37:50… too few are doing the work. Use your hands for dirt, or the keyboard?

39:17: Agriculture will once again return to it’s rightful place in our society.

42:12… Slide show begins. REAL FARMERS from around the country. Farmers who do the work. Farmers with job satisfaction.

45:50: Modern agriculture has lost any relationship to common sense.

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