The John Jeavons Cult

The John Jeavons Cult

John Jeavons Says This…

John Jeavons Says That…


I grew up on a 700-acre farm in Virginia.

I couldn’t wait to get off the farm. At the time I thought farmers were stupid. I just knew that guys in neck-ties were smarter.

I know better now. Neck-tie guys know how to fill out paper work. That’s all they know. Stock brokers, mortgage brokers, real estate guys, salesmen of all type. All they know is how to fill out paper work.

Now… I know the truth about farmers… they are the BRILLIANT ONES.

They gotta know weather, timing, animal mating behavior, compost science, soil analysis, drainage, water conservation, harvesting methods, negotiation in selling the crops, phases of the moon, crop rotation, customer relations, planning for the future, companion planting, wind blocks, and on… and on… and on.

Farmers actually have to be more creative than any Madison Avenue ad man. I outta know… I’ve been both an ad man and your friendly neighborhood farm boy.

Back in 1979 when I first meet Steve Musick… he was part of the “John Jeavons Cult”.

This Is John Jeavons. We Love Him. Heed His Message.
This Is John Jeavons. We Love Him. Heed His Message.

Steve Musick and Don Cole, and Randy Wade, and Evan Parker, Peter Rizzly, and a handful of other young farmers in Santa Barbara, California were all quoting John Jeavons like he was some kinda “god”.

Jeavon’s book, “How To Grow More Vegetables” had just been published a few years earlier. And these guys were hooked. Whatever Jeavons said was “the bible” to them.

OK, so I bought the book too. But just because you buy a book doesn’t mean you read it. Or digest it.

But… I finally got around to really reading it. And “good-golly-miss-molly”… Jeavons really is a “God”.

Remember, I grew up on a large farm. We had heavy-duty tractors, combines, mono-crops, and large trucks to haul thousands of pounds of soy beans, and corn to market… to sell “wholesale”.

Jeavons’ only equipment was a digging fork.

Our large farm likely made $1,000 or less per acre per year. Way, way less.

However, Jeavons’ method can pull as much as $40,000 or more per year out of half an acre.

Once the numbers sunk into my soul… I joined the “Jeavons’ Cult”.

How much money do you want to make? One thousand or less per acre… or Fortfy Thousand Per Half Acre?

The numbers are all relative. The point is to make a nice life for yourself and your family and have fun while you’re doing it.

We formally invite you to join us. Yes we’re a “John Jeavons Cult”… But we’re going to discuss getting the most from your heavy equipment too.

Put your name on our mailing list. You’re not gonna wanna miss anything.

Happy digging.

Sajo Farm Boy.

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