Is This The Farmer and the Farm That Feeds The World?

Is This The Farmer and Farm That Feeds The World?

Joel could be the greatest farmer in the world.

Why? Well… he is doing things differently that most other large scale farmers.

He is feeding over 5,000 families.

And his farm is a jungle of animals… plants… insects… critters… flowers… bees…. And every living thing on his farm seems natural… happy… and finding their place in the world.

How do you measure the success of a farmer?

If you measure it in money… Joel makes some $2,000 to $3,000 per acre per year… while far too many farmers make less than $500 per acre per year.

If you measure the success in beauty… no one has a more beautiful and sweet smelling farm than Joel’s 400-500 acres.

NOTE: His farm does not stink because he does not allow his animals to be grouped up… and stuck in one place all the time. He moves them around from paddock to paddock every day…. To eat fresh new grass… and give the poop time to break down… so it smells good.

If you measure success in families feed… 5,000 families from 400 acres is not a bad deal.

Is this the farm that feeds the world? Well… Joel is teaching others how to do it. And he has a loyal following. Count me in.

Here is the trailer for an upcoming Joel Salatin film. All about his family farm: Polyface Farm. The farm of “many faces”.

I have taught that the lowly earthworm is the foundation to successful farming. Joel teaches that grass is the foundation to successful farming. Grass is a gift of God. It grows everywhere. And it’s the food of most of the animals on Joel’s farm.

Watch the video and notice the grass in every frame.

His “salad feed” beef tastes to good, it brings him higher prices than farmers get who practice assembly-line, stinky, production farming.

And let me know what you think.

Yours truly,

Sajo Farm Boy.