God Bless Steve Musick

Organic Farmer, Steve Musick -  November 30, 1955 ~ December 11, 2014
Organic Farmer, Steve Musick –
November 30, 1955 ~ December 11, 2014

I got the phone call late last year that Steve Music had died. I loved that guy.

Hadn’t spoken to him in over 20 years. But when I got the news that he had passed, I wept for 2 days.

Steve was a farmer. And I was just getting back into farming and meant to call him when I got the news of his passing.

I never had an ill thought about him. He was just a good fellow. And he loved farming.

This site is dedicated to him. And his love of farming.

This site is all about the joy, satisfaction and money you can make from big time gardening or small time farming.

As our world gets more complicated with Hi-Tech this and Hi-Tech that… Steve Musick would get a kick out of knowing we are going to preach the gospel of low-tech, organic farming… And simple living.

The gospel of worms, compost, lettuce, garlic, tomatoes, chickens, goats, rabbits, tractors, and creative ways to solve “farm” problems that city-life may have caused us all to forget.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re on a journey with us. A journey to “Grow More Veggies In Less Land Than You Thought Possible.” A journey to get your hands dirty in the right kind of way. A journey to create something out of almost nothing.

Join us. Get on our mailing list. Let’s have some farming fun together.

Yours for more crops and tastier tomatoes.

SaJo Farmboy

(Random Steve Musick Notes Found On The Web:)

http://www.goletarealestate.com/outlook/farmland.html Steve Musick, the last person to farm the MTD property on Calle Real, recalled producing a ton of salad mix per acre every spring, summer and fall in the early 1990s. He would spin it in a converted washing machine.

“We did a sweet mix of 12 to 18 different lettuces,” Mr. Musick said, “it was the cat’s meow! We would sell 300 to 500 pounds per week”


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