CALIFORNIA FARM WATER SOLUTIONS: How To Grow $95,000 Worth of Food Per Year… from one acre of land.

How To Grow $95,000 Worth of Food Per Year… from one acre of land.

Dear Farmer and Gardener…
Here is an amazing interview with some profitable farmers. Below are my rough notes on what they said… and the time-line of the interview. Enjoy. Give me your feedback.

Notes on The Farm of Paul And Elizabeth Kaiser,
Singing Frogs Farm – FROM THE INTERVIEW

1. No pesticide, not even “organic” pesticide. No chemical fertilizer, … how to use less water.
2. Yes, this is a Micro farm. But you can scale up to as big as you want. Yes, you can you make money … as much money… as a big farmer… by going small.
3. We use Only 3 acres working acres. 9 total.
4. $95,000 per acre… hand-crafted produce. Better tasting yield. You can get more money for this.
5. “We broke our backs using tillage, plows, and very little reward.” They explain how tractoring the land kills vital elements… and exposes the land to wind and heat/cold extremes. And needs more water.
6. Soil got worse using plows. “We panicked.”
7. When we plowed the field… we killed the snakes, and gophers, and microbes, and other healthy things. You need those things.
8. At 13:50… modern farming practices kill the soil.
9. At 15:00 No till… it’s better.
10. Naked ground is bad… why? Because plants pull nutrients out of the sun and puts in the soil. Most folks think plants just pull nutrients “out” of the soil, but they also put nutrients back into the soil. Exposed soil is not good.
11. At 16:47—THREE main ways to manage soil.
ONE: Service soil as little as possible… no till. Photo synthesis … basic building blocks to grow healthy soil… and healthy food.
TWO: Keep a diversity of plants.
THREE: Keep the soil covered in “pectin?” (could not understand the word)… at all times. No cover means too much hot and cold for the soil… the microbes go down… to avoid the temp extremes.

12. Once you begin using pesticides… even “organic” pesticides… you can’t stop… the bug killers kill your GOOD bugs AND your bad bugs. And the bad bugs reproduce and come back quicker… don’t do it. Even “organic” pesticides kill your ladybugs and other good insects.
13. At 31:50… Three active acres… $95,000 per acre…. We are not just a small farm… we’re a serious farm. We can scale up, if we want to. We produce what a 20 to 25 acre-farm produces.
14. At 32:00 what about one hundred 3-arce farms… instead of one 300-acre farm?… This would be better for our overall culture.
15. At 32:40… “Oh that would never work on my farm.”
16. At 34:50… a student of theirs did $33,000 on half of his farm… on rocky, poor soil… using NO TILL.. and half farm in tillage… … rock and clay… only $4,000 from the tillage half. ALSO: A Canada farm… Market Gardener… in Quebec. $150,000 per acre and a half. (
ALSO: In Maine… 4 seasons farm… $100,000 per acre… He is in his 70’s so he’s cutting back… he’s not gonna grow in summer… just winter crops. And spring crops… he’s like us. ( NOTE: By cutting back his farming to just growing in winter… he has LESS competition and thus can get higher prices.
17. At 37:00… Year-round food production. Micro farm. Join CSA? What are you doing for the bees?
18. At 44:18… pesticides…Hey, don’t kill the bees. Support the pollenaters. (spelling?) When you take away their food… asphalt… building… mono crops.. you kill the bees. 95% of the honey bees are moved to the almond crop in California… the bees are then eating only one food source… YIKES. They need variety.
19. At 47: 44… honey bees are lazy… native bees help them motivate them… it’s a boon.
20. We get 800 pounds of cumbers… drip irrigation twice a week – 15 minutes at a time. Our method can help farmers dealing with the California drought.
21. Your farm needs organic matter… it holds water.
22. The California Drought.. is caused by stripping the soil of organic matter. Organic matter in the soil holds more water. You don’t need to water as much… and that saves you water and time. We have 8 percent organic matter.

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it’s $36 worth of food for sale for $24 bucks?

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