The Amazing And Lowly Worm. Your Little Cash-Flow Helper

The Amazing And Lowly Worm.


Richard Scarry… wrote a handful of children’s book based on a lowly worm.
Worms are often used by little boys to scare little girls. It’s a way of saying “I like you.”

Worms are everywhere… and without them, we’d all be at a loss.
Worms have the same purpose as every other living thing… to eat and have sex.

But when worms eat… they poop. And their poop is liquid gold for your garden or farm. Worm poop feeds your soil. Healthy soil feeds your plants. Healthy plants feed your belly and the belly of everyone you share your food with.

Don’t just grow a garden… grow worms too.
Don’t just farm for the veggies… farm for the worms too.

Joel Salatin brags that his farm is full of happy, dancing wigglers.
He also brags that his is the sweetest smelling farm in Virginia.

If you don’t know your worms, you don’t know your farm.

Tractors with discs and plows kill worms. If you’re going to plow… can you find it in your heart to go out and buy a bunch of NEW worms… and put them back in to your farm?

Better yet… can you find it in your heart to give up your plow…and go with a NO TILL approach? No till, makes for a happier worm environment. Let the worms to the “tilling”. Worms dig the ground for you. They are on the hunt for food. They eat wood chips. Straw. Mulch. Etc.

Joel Salatin’s farm does not use tractors to till the soil. He grows cows, chickens, rabbits, etc. He moves the livestock around every day to new paddocks of grass.

You might say that grass and worms are the heart of Salatin’s farm. He does not have the expense of buying food/grains to feed his livestock. He does not have the problems requiring vaccines and antibiotics. His cows, chickens, etc. are healthy BECAUSE… they eat a fresh salad every day. A salad of various kinds of grasses that just seem to grow all by themselves. Helped along by the lowly worm.

Salatin says that many big farms are lucky to make $300 per acre per year. He, on the other hand, makes some $2,000 to $3,000 per acre per year. And he has some 400 acres.

Big farmers need worms. Fishermen need worm. Small farmers need worms. Gardeners need worms.

There are farmers who ONLY farm worms.


They grow worms and feed them and let them have all the sex they want… they harvest the worm poop and make a tea out of it. And then… sell the worm-poop tea to smart farmers who want to enhance crop yields using worms poop tea.

There is a lady who lives nearby who goes out on rainy nights hunting worms. She sells them to fishermen and gardeners using a sign in her front yard. She’s not getting rich… but she makes some extra money to help her family.

Here is a guy who “grunts” to make worms come to him.


And here is a guy who uses walnuts to make worms rise from the depths so he can catch them.


If you’re a gardener or farmer… pay attention to your worm count. Feed em. Let ‘em grow. Enjoy the “cycle of love”.

Yours for better farming and gardening.
The Sajo Farm Boy.

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I found a CraigsList Ad of a guy selling 100 worms for $5.

100 Red Wiggler – Composting or Fishing Worms – $5

HIS AD SAID: When your food scraps pile up, do not throw them out. Get yourself some red wrigglers. They are only 1 -3 inches in length, and are about as thin as a pencil lead, but don’t call them little. When these guys group together, they become a voracious force, consuming anything in their path. Mountains of vegetable scraps wouldn’t stand a chance. The worms will break them one bite at a time. But don’t fear their powerful passion, encourage it. The food they consume gets digested, and transformed into some of the most nutritious material that lawns and gardens could grow in: worm castings! These worm castings are 7 times richer in phosphates, 5 times richer in nitrogen, and 11 times richer in potash than the average lawn soil. This valuable substance is a result of your trash! Don’t supply local trash heaps with your waste; give it to some red wiggler worm! By far, these guys are the best gardeners on the planet, and will only help out your lawn or garden or both! Decrease waste, decrease the need for earth-destroying chemical, and increase organic production all at the same time! These worms may be small, but provide a large service to saving the Earth!