Starting Tobacco Seeds

Easy Notes On Starting Tobacco Seeds.

1. Tobacco seeds are way, way small.
2. You can lose them in a gentle wind.
3. Lay them on top of the soil.
4. Keep the soil wet, and don’t let it dry out.
5. Start by putting your seeds in a moist paper towel.
6. Fold the towel over to keep both sides wet.
7. Cover it in a Tupperware container. If you don’t have one, cover it with plastic wrap.
8. Open the container once a day… to make sure the seeds get some fresh air.
9. Keep the seeds above 70 degrees for fastest germination.
10. Seeds germinate after 4 days… sometime it takes 10 days.
11. Start the process on the new moon for fastest results.
12. If you miss the new moon… plant them on the full moon.
13. Once you see the tiny sprouts popping up (might have to use a magnifying glass)… transplant them using a pencil tip… lick it to make the tip of the pencil wet… the tiny sprouts will stick to it… then put them in your soil.
14. Make a tiny dent in the soil before you lay the sprout in.
15. Don’t cover the dang thing… just keep it wet. Use a spay bottle to keep ‘em wet.
16. When they’re about 2 inches tall… transplant them again.