Once Upon A Time California Had A Drought… And Then God Created Mulch.

Once Upon A Time California Had A Drought…
And Then God Created Mulch.

THIS… is crazy… More than 40 percent of all our fruits and vegetables are grown in the state of California. It’s crazy. Crazy. Crazy.

This drought in California is gonna cost everyone more money. And if… you want to make money off this drought… even if you live and grow food in California… you need to discover mulch.

I’m here to tell you.. naked ground is ugly. If you’re a “big time” farmer… you may think it’s too much trouble to use mulch. But with this drought… you’re going to have to come up with some kind of solution. The solution is mulch.

Big time farming is out. Small time farming is in. And you can’t make as much money with small time farming unless you use mulch.

If you talk a walk though any forest… you see how God does it. And he does it with mulch.

Leaves. Straw. Dead branches. Mulch is everywhere. And it should be all over your farm or garden too.

Here’s a name you want to remember… Masanobu Fukuoka.

We call him “The Fuk”.

The Fuk can teach any farmer how to beat the drought.

The Fuk wrote the book called THE ONE-STAW REVOLUTION.

He has taught farmers everywhere a more natural way to farm… using mulch.

Lots of water is not needed if you use mulch.

The mulch hides your naked dirt from the baking sun.

The mulch holds your water in.

The mulch encourages worms. The worms have more to eat if you use mulch. And worm poop feeds your soil.

The mulch feeds the microbes. The microbes poop and feed your soil.

The birds need to find straw and mulch build nests. The birds poop as they gather nesting material and their poop feeds your soil.

When you spread mulch between your rows of crops… and you walk on the straw… it help to NOT compact your soil. Compacted soil can’t hold the water as well. Use straw… use mulch.

If you don’t live in California… and you want to take advantage of their drought to make money… use this “hand-crafted”, small-time farming method… and guess what… you’ll have a better crop. Bigger yields. Better tasting. And if you stop your spraying of insecticides… you’ll be able to sell your crop as organic.

Straw and mulch feeds your soil.

Some smart farmers grow some crops just for the propose of feeding their compost pile and using it as mulch.

If you have naked ground… you’re loosing money. Even weeds can come in handy.

NOTE: There are no such things as “weeds”. Weeds are plants that you don’t know the purpose of … yet.

Don’t’ use weed killer. Let the weeds grow. You’re going to need your ground covered. So-called “weeds” typically seek out poor soil. And won’t grow in healthy soil. If you have weeds, you have them for a reason. Make use of them.

Some farmers believe weeds (or any plant) rob the soil of nutrients. Yes, all plants take some nutrients out of the soil… but all plants “rob” energy and nutrients from the sun… and put those nutrients INTO THE SOIL too.

If you don’t want the weeds to grow… use mulch.

The mulch inhibits their growth. But the mulch also breaks down and feeds your soil.

Dry farming is an old cowboy method of farming in the west. The east coast generally has a problem with too much water. So western farmers had to discover a way to get every drop of water to count. Dry farming uses mulch.

And you can’t dry farming doesn’t use much in the way of machinery.

Spread that mulch. Spread that manure. Spread the love.

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