My War On Goathead Weeds

My War On Goathead Weeds

Normally, I don’t mind most weeds. A “weed” is only a plant… that you’re not familiar with. A “weed” is a plant whose purpose you don’t know yet.

If you knew the plant’s purpose, you would not call it a weed. In many cases a “weed” tells you something about your soil. Some weeds like this kind of soil. Other weeds like that kind of soil. Some weeds show up in weak, poor soil. If you soil is healthy, they don’t bother.

If you’re a small time farmer… or big time gardener… with rabbits or chickens… “weeds” can come in handy when you yank them out and feed them to the animals.

So… let me be clear… There are no such things as “weeds”. All plants have a purpose.

All plants except for “goatheads”.

These are pernicious little things. It’s a weed that seems to plan out evil for anyone passing by.

These weeds have thorns for seeds. If you step on them with your bare foot… you’ll know it.

The thorns stick to your shoes, your pants, your socks. And when you’re not looking… Ouch… you’re pricked by the stickers that hitch a ride for purpose of spreading the spawn.

The goathead thorns will puncture your bike tires. Riding lawnmower tires. And can even flatten car tires.

The best way to get rid of them is using a hoe or square faced shovel. Cut them off. Keep them from growing up and creating new seeds.

I can’t recommend herbicides. Why? Because using Roundup and other herbicides has other evils of killing other plants too. And the herbicides get into the water supply.

There is a Oregon fellow who sells weevils that eat the goathead seeds.

It seems that the weevils will die off in a cold winter. But if you’re in Texas, or Arizona, etc… those weevils might be just the thing.

But it not… grab that shovel or hoe… and get to work.
This is the perfect hoe to teach those goatheads a lesson they’ll never forget. It’s a 5 pound goathead attack machine. It’s sharp as a knife. It can take out small trees. Get it here.

Screen shot 2016-04-20 at 11.21.51 AM

Also… goatheads hate competition. Sow a bunch grass seeds or alfalfa to crowd them out.

Speaking of using a hoe to get rid of weeds… it’s cool to just chop the top off and leave the root in the ground. For the most part, this will kill the weed. But you want the root left in the ground. Why? Because it root will feed the soil just like you were using compost. The root will rot and the worms will love it. It will has organic matter to your soil. That’s good stuff.

Goatheads are nasty. Chop them out. Crowd them out. Your bike tires will love you.

Sajo Farm Boy.