Jim Rogers – World Famous Investor – Says Farming is The Coming Opportunity.

Jim Rogers – World Famous Investor – Says Farming is The Coming Opportunity.

I’ve been a raving lunatic fan of Jim Rogers ‘ere since The Investment Biker.

His message to everyone now… is… get into farming.

Jim doesn’t know much about farming. He is still thinking tractors and big spreads. I say farming should be small. Why have one 300-acre farm… when you have can 300 one acre farms.

Here is the difference between big time farming and small time farming.

The 300-acre farm grows crops for one customer. Walmart. Or Costco. Or the Chicago Commodities Market. Either way, having one buyer is dangerous. You are at the mercy of the buyer’s bidding.

The 300-acre farm generally only grows ONE CROP. Say, soybeans or wheat or corn. And having only ONE CROP, with ONE BUYER… you invite trouble from pests. Insects are lazy just like humans. And if they find a ONE CROP field they like, the bred like crazy so their babies and grandbabies can eat and eat and eat.

Plus… The 300-acre farm generally looks to turn the whole farming experience into a Henry Ford style assembly line. No fun. More than any other productive endeavor farming is LIKE LIFE… it’s complex, creative, demanding, non-boring, and beautiful. Big time farming is too much like a manufacturing job.

And don’t be surprised to learn that many big time farms only make $300 to $400 dollars per acre per year.

Joel Salatin has a big time farm. He has some 400 acres and make north of $2,000 per acre per year. His secret: Unlike other farmers he tries to imitate the way nature works instead of turning the whole thing into a mechanized assembly line.

Jim Rogers says that stock brokers should learn to drive a tractor NOW before they have to drive a taxi later when the financial system takes a dive. I say screw the tractor… get yourself a digging fork and learn to DOUBLE DIG your garden beds.

I say leave the tractors to those HUGE farms. It’s possible to pull $100,000 a year from a one-acre farm. And yes, you can scale up to be a larger farm… but forget the tractor. Working the farm by hand to get $100,000 a year… to get the maximum vegetable yield per acre… you’re going to need one man to work one acre.

And guess what… digging forks are cheaper than tractors. Digging forks don’t need gas or diesel. Digging forks don’t need new points and plugs. Just a willing, strong back.

That tractor with it’s discs and plows kills worms, snakes, small animals and screws around with the microbes. And those critters are vital to the grow and health of the plants and crops you want to grow.

Most folks… who want to get into farming… don’t have the money to buy a huge farm. That’s another reason to get into small-time farming.

But if you want to get into a big farm… you don’t necessarily need money. You just need to know on the door of a farmer… and offer to take over his farm. A surprising number will welcome you in, make you a cup of coffee and talk over the possibilities. Why? Because most farmers are 60-years old now. And their kids don’t want anything to do with the farm. So, they might be thrilled to have someone take over and keep the farm alive.

If they love farming… they don’t want to see the farm turned into a big spread of condo and agenda 21 apartments.

They will want the farm to carry on. This is similar buying a house for “nothing down”. But you’ll have to put in a lot of sweat equity.

But beyond picking up a large farm… you can always pick up the parking lot some shopping center that is abandoned. A number of energetic farmers are farming on parking lots now. Just grab your 2 X 12 boards and start building raised beds. Fill the beds with compost and start planting.

I’ll write later about how to put together a PARKING LOT FARM… but for now… spend some time with Jim Rogers and his advice about life, investing and more.



Here are some quotes from the Rogers interview:

Jim Rogers: Yes. If you want to invest in agriculture, the best thing you should do is become a farmer. Buy yourself some land and become a farmer if you’d be any good at it – or even if you’d just be mediocre at it – because there’s going to be some fortunes made in agriculture and when an industry breaks full faith even mediocre people make a lot of money because everything is going right. So if you really want to make a lot of money, that’s the best way to do it. Alternatively, you can buy land and lease it out if you can find a good farmer. – See more at: http://www.thedailybell.com/exclusive-interviews/35910/Anthony-Wile-Jim-Rogers-Choose-Farming-for-Your-Family-and-Finances/#sthash.rrIcAAc3.dpuf

Jim Rogers: Organic food has a big following, more and more. My wife is one of them. We eat a lot of organic food at our house, and it seems to be spreading rather than declining. I have no idea if organic food is better for you or not, but it doesn’t matter whether I know. A lot of people are keen so it’s got an ever-growing fan base. –

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