Farmers: The Real Heroes of The 7 Samurai

Farmers: The Real Heroes of The 7 Samurai

If you have not seen the 7 Samurai, you’re in for a real treat.

It belongs in the top ten best movies ever made. It should be on your DVD shelf… and you should watch it once a year.

The basic plot of the movie is this: A little farming community VS. a gang of thieves, looters and berserkers. The farmers seek out 7 Samurai soldiers to help them battle the looter gang. Of course the directors lets you see the character and personality of each of the Samurai. The wise one. The cowardly one. The dishonest one. The womanizer. Etc.

But when I watch the movie, I can’t but help see that the farmers are the real heroes of this film. They are minding their own business. They are defending their property and lives. They are actually the PRODUCERS – everyone else, including the samurai, are LOOTERS. Looters live off the production of others.

Producers give life to themselves and others.

Years ago, I read about three historians who traced out the origins of government on three different continents. In this day of “democracy this” and “democracy that”… we somehow believe that government got started because people living in a pretty little green valley got together and said – “Hey, we need a bridge over that little river, why don’t we elect George to be our leader and he’ll build us a bridge and more.”

But the truth is – on 3 continents in ancient history – people were living in a pretty little green valley. Minding their own business. When, out of nowhere, a gang of looters and berserkers showed up, stealing, pillaging and raping the women. They rode out of town as soon as they had some fun. A few days later, when they were hungry, they came back raiding the village again. After about the third trip into town, they said, “Hey, we’re tired of this riding back and forth… into town, we’re just going to stay right here, we’re going to be your “town leaders” and we’ll just build you a bridge show you’ll shut up about our dominance.”

The movie, The 7 Samurai, portrayed the Japanese soldiers as the heroes. But I say, no… the farmers were the real heroes both before the battle and during the battle and after the battle. Farmers are the life-givers in any civilization.

It’s time to give up your city job and get your hands dirty. There’s money in that dirt. There’s money in worms, manure, grass, fruits, veggies, straw, flowers, herbs, wood, minerals.

Get the 7 Samurai and get your hands dirty. And let me know how your farm is growing.