Farm Profits in Root Depth (No Fertilisers Required)

Big Roots For Your Plants Mean Bigger Profits For Your Farm

This lady, Elaine Ingham, could teach a lot to farmers. And to golf course owners who need grass.

Grass farmers… let the grass grow… in order to feed the live stock.

Here is a lesson everyone can use about how to get the best crop of anything. Grass included.

Healthy roots mean healthy plants. Feed your soil. No fertilizer are needed.

Here are the notes from her speech:

“Watch to find out how you can get your plant roots go down 4 feet and more within 3 – 4 months. This is achieved not by adding more and more fertilisers and, according to Dr Elaine Ingham, they are NOT necessary. Your soils don’t need any of these inputs so save your hard earned money and instead focus on root growth.

Are you told that you need fertilizers because your soil is lacking nutrients to be able to grow plants?
They will show you in your laboratory soil test results what is missing in your soil and recommend to you to apply fertilizers which contain these nutrients for your soil to grow your plant. What they say seems to make sense to make your soil balanced but it’s only one part of a living, healthy soil.

Their solutions are band aids to the problem and you get more problems by doing this. You will have to apply more and more of these chemicals each year and the problems keep coming and get worst.”

Sajo Farm Boy.