Composting Is Our Future.

Composting Is Your Future.

Modern day farming, with a big tractor and an air condition harvester… misses the point.

Those guys are trying to cheat the system. There is a circle of life. Life needs death. And life needs compost. Farming needs compost.

A compost pile is all about letting things die and revive slowly, naturally.

A compost pile is all about giving life to microbes. You pile on the grass, the straw, the kitchen waste, the horse poop or rabbit poop, etc. and it is the food for the microbes… they eat… they have sex… and things get hot.

A hot compost pile is like your body having a fever. It cooks away bad things and you are left with a more pure, refreshed array of “life-power”.

Microbes are everywhere. Without microbes, we could not breath on this planet. We could not eat. We need them in our gut.

There are more microbes on your hand than there are people on the whole planet. They are everywhere… and we want to encourage them in the right way.

Tractor farming does not encourage microbes like hand-crafted, “no-till” farming.

(See John Jeavon’s method. And see the Singing Frog’s Farm.)

The small, hand-crafted farmer wants all that activity to go on under his feet. He wants the microbes… the worms… the mice… the snakes… the birds… the bees… rotting leaves… fragrant soil… sunshine… chickens scratching ‘round… etc.

The small, hand-crafted farmer tries to “feed the soil” so he does not have to feed his plants.

The big time tractor guy is missing the major point. A lot of his good microbes just blow away in the wind. His soil is bare. Cut up by the disc and plow. Bare soil is not found in nature for the most part. When the soil is bare, the worms and microbes go deep to get away from the extremes of cold and heat and no water.

If you just water that soil, the wind can’t blow it away so easily. The microbes and worms come back. And feed the soil some leaves, some straw… something to encourage a miniature compost pile in every inch of your farm.

The forest floor is covered with compost action. Imitate it.

Below is a video of how to use beer, soda and ammonia to speed up the composting action. When I first saw he was using ammonia to compost… I repulsed.

YUCK… I said. Ammonia is awful.

Then the next day on my farm, I was hauling away the urine-soaked straw and dung from under the rabbit cages to the compost pile. I was suddenly hit with the heavy whiff of ammonia smell from the rabbit urine. And I then remembered the beer-cola-ammonia guy… composting fast.

I must admit… the guy is right. We need urine in our compost. Compost is our future.

Every farm needs a compost pile. You need to grow your compost pile, just like you grow your crops. The bigger the farm, the more compost piles.

Yes, you want to grow and sell crops. But note: the foundation of good farming is good composting.

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