How To Grow Potatoes – More Potatoes Than You May Have Thought Possible.

How To Grow Potatoes – More Potatoes Than You May Have Thought Possible.

If you want to grow potatoes… you’re in luck. Nature will help you.

Generally, you can follow these guidelines.

1. Buy “seed” potatoes. Note: Some potatoes that you buy in the grocery store, are whacked with some type of chemical or nuking it… so that they don’t sprout in the grocery store. The store can’t sell potatoes that “go bad”. If you go to the “super-market” and see sprouting potatoes… you will likely pass on that purchase.
2. If you buy potatoes from the store… and you don’t eat them fast enough… and they start sprouting… YEAH… don’t throw them away… put them in the ground. Cover them with dirt. Water them. And Wa-La… you get new potatoes in a few months time.
3. You may have heard of a “potato hill”… That’s when you pull the dirt up around your potato seed into a small hill.
4. Now if you want MORE POTATOES than you may have thought possible… when see the potato plant start growing… pull more dirt up around the plant. Make the hill bigger. Don’t be afraid to cover the lower leaves of the plant… those leaves will turn into more potatoes as it grows taller and taller. Keep pulling dirt up around them.
5. You can even build a box around your plants to make the “hill” taller.
6. Use good soil. Compost. Horse manure. Goat manure. Rabbit poop.
7. Don’t forget to water it.
8. If you have tree limbs hanging around that you have no use for… use them to build your tower around the potatoes.

Have fun gardening.

Yours truly,
Sajo Farm Boy.

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