Chickens VS. Rabbits

Rabbit, the secret to all good farming?
Rabbit, the secret to all good farming?

Chickens VS. Rabbits.

Should you raise chickens or rabbits? Or both?

Chickens give you food most every day. Eggs.

Rabbits give you food about once every two months.

Chickens give you “hot manure” to heat up your compost pile and speed up decomposition fast.

Rabbit manure is not “hot” and can be added straight into your garden without much worry.

Chickens eat almost everything. Kitchen waste. Bugs. Snails. Grass clippings. Weeds. Grubs.

Rabbits are somewhat persnickety. The will eat some kitchen waste… but not the protein material. But they will eat left over salads. Breads. Biscuits. Etc.

Chickens are noisy. They squawk and brag when they lay an egg. Rosters will crow at dawn. Noon. And even at 4 O’clock in the morning. So if you live in the suburbs, neighbors may rat you out to the local bureaucrats. Especially over your roster.

Rabbits are quite. Very quite. Some will only make THUMBING noises when they want to eat. Thus the name “Thumper” for some pet rabbits.

When you harvest a chicken… you’ll have chicken feathers left over. Nothing to brag about.

When you harvest a rabbit, you’ll have a rabbit pelt left over if you want it.

Chickens have never been known to give a “lucky chicken foot”.

But everyone needs a “lucky rabbit foot.”

Chicken meat tastes like chicken.

Rabbit meat tastes like chicken.

Chickens don’t chew on wood.

Rabbits need to chew on wood because like other rodents… their teeth are always growing and they need to chew on wood or sunflower stalks, etc.

Chickens are not all good mothers. It’s the rare one who is a good “sitter”.

Rabbits are mostly good mothers. They breed like crazy. The rare rabbit mother will kill or abandon her young. Some have a theory that a mother will kill her young if they are spooked by things like a lawn mower running nearby on they day of the birth.

Eggs are easier to sell than rabbit meat.

And selling your produce is what farming is all about. Unless of course you’re just growing to feed your family.

Big time chicken production is common. The chicken eating industry is better PR than the rabbit eating industry.

I’ve raised both chickens and rabbits. On a small scale. I prefer eating eggs and chicken. But rabbits are somewhat cleaner. If you don’t like nasty choose rabbits. If you want convenient food production go with chickens.

Sajo Farm Boy.