Charles Hugh Smith On “The Cash Value of Home Gardens”

I love Mr. Smith’s Articles… Mostly about economics… and nothing is more about economics than gardening and farming. ————————- The Cash Value of Home Gardens   (May 2, 2015) The ROI (return on investment) of a home garden can be $1,000 a year and $30/hour. The benefits of a vegetable garden extend beyond the food […]

Great Farming = Amazing Sex

Farming is All About Sex. If you want to get teenagers excited about farming… this is the message you need to tell them. Farming is all about sex. The purpose of rabbits, chickens, cows, horses, and pigs is to eat and have sex. The purpose of earthworms and red wigglers is to eat and have […]

Is This The Best Farming Book Every Written?

Is This The Best Farming Book Every Written? Think And Grow Food. A few years ago… I was promoting a free class… in which we would meet weekly to read and discuss Napoleon Hill’s book (Think And Grow Rich). The ad ran… I got phone calls about the class… and one lady called me and […]