Composting Is Our Future.

Composting Is Your Future. Modern day farming, with a big tractor and an air condition harvester… misses the point. Those guys are trying to cheat the system. There is a circle of life. Life needs death. And life needs compost. Farming needs compost. A compost pile is all about letting things die and revive slowly, […]


VEGGIE GUYS VS. FLOWER GUYS I’ve notice that folks who grow flowers feed their soil more than the vegetable growers. I don’t think flower growers are smarter, it’s just an accident of beauty. Mulch surrounding those flowers add to the beauty. Most veggie gardens have exposed bare soil (NOT GOOD). Most flower gardens are covered […]

May 18th… Planting day.

May 18th… Planting day. Planting by the phases of the moon is a good way to go. May 18th is the NEW MOON. Plant on the new moon. Transplant on the full moon. It should be warm enough now to get ready to plant. Plant near the new moon and watch the seeds pop […]

Starting Tobacco Seeds

Easy Notes On Starting Tobacco Seeds. 1. Tobacco seeds are way, way small. 2. You can lose them in a gentle wind. 3. Lay them on top of the soil. 4. Keep the soil wet, and don’t let it dry out. 5. Start by putting your seeds in a moist paper towel. 6. Fold the […]

May Notes On Farm Marketing Profits

Notes On Farm Marketing Profits As I recall… Joel Salatin… the famous Virginia farmer… says he makes something like $2,000 per year per acre… while many other farmers make as little as $200 per acre per year. Salatin’s farm is about 400 acres big. So… if my numbers are right he does almost a million […]